1. Who is Daniel Buehler?

I'm an 80's child, born in Toronto, ON. I'm now living in the town of Beeton, one of the few towns north of Toronto that's still surrounded by farmland. I love it here, but I've got Toronto in my blood and can't seem to stay away.

Most importantly though, I'm a father and husband. My wife and I have two amazing daughters who keep us on our toes and help us appreciate the sheer magic of life.

2. Hobbies, interests, what makes you tick?

I was practically raised on a sailboat and that's stuck with me my whole life. My whole family are sailors and we are all happiest when we're surrounded by nature. I look for any excuse to be by the water; sailing, swimming, hiking, camping, anything that keeps me outdoors.

3. What about photography, when did that start?

My dad always had a camera around when I was growing up. I can remember him teaching me about the effects of shutter speed and aperture when I was quite young. I also remember his photos enlarged on our walls at home and books of stock photography on our bookshelves. The value of a photo was just something I grew up with.

But, it wasn't until tenth grade that I really understood the power of photography on an emotional level. My wife and I met in high school at the same time as I started taking a photography class. I carried a camera with me everywhere that year and captured some amazing events. That was all film, no digital and very few people were capturing day to day events back then. But those images mean so much to me now, it's incredible.

4. Did you always want to be a professional photographer?

Not at all. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I had serious plans to pursue at least three completely unique careers, but none of them were even close to photography. I spent nearly ten years in business, project management and sales before I took a leap of faith and decided to pursue a career in photography.

5. So you decided to go for it, what next?

I went back to school in my 30's, with two little kids at home - it was terrifying. But, other than my family, going back to school was the most rewarding thing I had done up until that point. I love photography. The situation is always changing and there is always a new challenge. Which is perfect, because I thrive in a challenging environment.

6. Where did you go school, what did you learn?

After a lot of research I decided on the Creative Photography program at Humber College. The program focuses on teaching leading-edge techniques and business foundations for the current professional photography industry.

I was amazed by the ongoing professional accomplishments of the teaching staff. I was able to ask any question I could come up with and get detailed, real-world answers. It was thrilling to be learning so much about something I thoroughly enjoyed. As a result, I graduated with honours and the award of excellence. Something I worked extremely hard for and am very proud of.

7. So after you graduated, then what?

Business, business, business. I didn't leave the business world because I didn't like it, on the contrary, I quite enjoy it. Since graduating, I've been growing and diversifying my business into more refined brands. When I started at Humber College, I was primarily a portrait and wedding photographer with limited product, editorial and event experience. But after graduation, I had diversified and mastered new skills in other genres. Commercial photography, the basis of this brand, is where I'm having the most success and a whole lot of fun.

8. What next?

Growth, networking, and creating amazing images! Like I mentioned before, I love a good challenge. I'm always growing as an entrepreneur and as a photographer. I have big goals and I'm always working toward them.