Runner-Up in the CAPIC Rodeo 9 Photography and Illustration National Competition

With pride and excitement, I would like to announce that my image "Reach for the Skyy" placed in the top 10 of The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC) - Rodeo 9 photography competition. Rodeo 9 is a national competition, with image submissions coming from all across Canada. To find myself in the top 10 is an honour.

CAPIC is the collective voice and advocate for professional photographers, illustrators, and digital artists in Canada. CAPIC works hard to maintain industry standards, create a community, fight for copyright protection, and much more. Their work helps all professionals in our industry. As a professional association, CAPIC’s mission is to promote quality and creativity, as well as good business practices.

Being a member of CAPIC (and other leading professional associations) allows me to continue my growth as a business owner and artist. I am happy to say that I am always learning and improving my craft while staying on top of the ever changing digital image creation industry.

The image "Reach for the Skyy" represents a great professional achievement for DanBCreative. Fulfilling the goals of the "Reach for the Skyy" project required numerous attempts to capture the parts of the splash which make the two 'arms' reaching for the top of the frame. The splash portion of the image is made from three separate and unique photographs which were assembled in post production. In total, the final image is constructed from seven different photographs. The image took 16 hours to complete (from setup to image delivery).

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